Mosquitoes And Flies Will Eliminated With A Mix Made Of These 3 Ingredients!


Today’s article includes a natural recipe that will help you say goodbye to any mosquito or fly! You won’t need any expensive product sold on the market that’s full of dangerous matters and poisons! The ingredients our recipe contains are all beneficial and won’t do you any harm!

As the weather becomes nicer and spring approaches, various insects appear: mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies. They can be really pesky and invade our homes and gardens. They are very difficult to eliminate. With the coming of warmer days, a great problem in the home is created by various insects: flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Also, they are very difficult to get rid of them, once they enter the home.

There are people who end up calling exterminators, but you don’t need that! Now, there’s a quite effective, cheap and easy way to help you eliminate insects!

These are the ingredients you need:

  • ½ a cup of vinegar
  • ½ a cup of any shampoo
  • ½ a cup of any vegetable oil


Put the 3 ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Sprinkle everything at home. You can use it on different surfaces. Don’t worry about the mixture! It doesn’t contain toxins and you can use it around pets and children. It will help you destroy numerous insects! It’s an amazing repellent!

You Can Also Follow These Additional Tips For Extra Help:

The times of day when mosquitoes especially appear are in the morning when it’s early and also in the evening. Make sure your doors and windows are closed, so that you prevent these pesky insects to get inside.

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The Water You Leave For Your Pets Should Be Changed Regularly

Don’t keep the water inside your home or in the garden longer. It should be changed regularly, let’s say every day or on every 2 days. In case you keep rainwater in the garden, the holder needs to be cleaned regularly, too. Keep all of the items in your garden clean, too.

Flies Hate Mint And Can’t See The Color Red Well

The scent of mint is despised by numerous insects and flies also belong in this group. Make sure you keep several twigs of mint in your kitchen or in some of the rooms. If you want to use flypaper, buy the one that is red, because they can’t see this color well.

Flees Inside The Carpet Can Be Eliminated With Some Water With Soap

You can catch any jumping fleas with the help of a wide shallow pan that you’ll fill with some soap and water to the half. Put this pan on the floor. Use a flashlight to lighten it up. Light attracts fleas and they will start jumping inside the water. The soap won’t let them go out even if they try hard.

Try these tips and tricks along with the natural insect repellent and say goodbye to insects easily!


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