Women Are Putting Cabbage Leaves on Their Breast, Reason Behind It Will Make You Happy


In today’s article, we’re presenting you an interesting method used by women in European as well as American countries. They use cabbage leaves and put them on their breasts. They can relieve the discomfort because of breast feeding, but also decrease the pain and swelling. This is also a method that can help you in case you feel pain because of some uncomfortable bra.

It’s believed that cabbage leaves are just like magnets: all of the ailments and diseases from your body will be pulled out in a very short time!

According to many studies, put cabbage leaves on your breasts if you feel pain or swelling because of breastfeeding. They should be cold. All of the symptoms will be alleviated in a while!


Keep your cabbage leaves in the fridge for 1 hour. After that, take them out and pull out their outer layer. You can throw it away. Pull off 2 of the inner leaves and use them after you’ve washed them with cold water. They shouldn’t have dirt or any kind of residue.

Cut their stem and make sure they’re covering your breasts perfectly, but they aren’t covering your nipples. Wrap them well. The nipples should be exposed. They should stay on your breasts for 20 minutes or when you feel they’ve became warm. After that, you can throw them away. This procedure should be repeated whenever you want to.

In case you’re a breastfeeding mom, you should only use these leaves to eliminate breast engorgement or decrease the swelling. As soon as all the symptoms are eliminated and you don’t feel any more pressure or pain, you need to stop using cabbage leaves.

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