5 Best DIY Remedies For Gout Pain


Gout – a painful type of arthritis that caused due to excess uric acid in your bloodstream, this acid is formed due to the breakdown of the waste substance called purines in the body. It thus develops into crystals on the cartilage of tendons, joints and other tissue. Then these tissues get inflamed with a sudden and severe pain on that body part.

Gout is more prone to men (above 40 years) than women and most commonly gout affected area is the big toe of the feet. The other body parts are ankles or knee, ears, wrists, elbows, and fingers. Acute pain, inflammation in joints, intense tenderness, swelling, etc. are some of the symptoms experienced by gout suffer.

Home Remedies for Gout Pain:

These are the best and easy home remedies that widely used to reduce gout flare-ups and gives relief from the pain and swelling.

– Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):

Apple cider vinegar helps to treat gout and arthritis with its acidic nature. It balances the pH levels of the body to reduce the uric acid in the blood. Always use raw, organic and unfiltered ACV with the mother for getting quick relief from gout pain.

Steps to be followed…

Mix 1 teaspoon of raw and unfiltered ACV in 1 glass of water.
Stir well and drink it to get relief from gout pain. Or add a little honey to enhance your taste.
Regular intake of this drink for 2 – 3 times daily will definitely help you to get rid of gout pain.


Or soak a clean cloth in a solution of apple cider vinegar mixed with a little water. Wrap it around the affected area for 10 – 15 minutes.
Soak your affected foot in a large bowl filled with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 4 cups of water. Leave it for about 30 minutes to get rid of gout flare-ups.
If you find this remedy works for you, then increase the dose of ACV for up to 2 tablespoons.

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– Ginger Root:

Ginger has shogaols and gingerols which exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve your pain and inflammation.

Steps to be followed…

Mix equal quantities of dried ginger powder, turmeric powder and fenugreek powder in a bowl.
Stir well and have 1 teaspoon of this mix along with warm water.
Intake of this mix with warm water for twice daily will help you to reduce the problem.
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Or include ginger in your daily diet either by chewing slices throughout the day or drinking ginger tea or ale or add in your food recipes.
Alternatively, blend ginger pieces with a little of water to make a paste and apply it on the affected area and wipe off after 30 – 45 minutes. Also, mix turmeric in this paste to get quick relief.

– Baking Soda:

Baking soda lowers the amount of uric acid causing gout in your blood. It also balances the pH levels to alkalize the body and to get relief from the pain and irritation.

Steps to be followed…

Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water.
Stir well and drink this solution for 3 – 4 times a day.
Be sure that the dosage of baking soda should not exceed 4 teaspoons per day.
Continue drinking it daily till you get relief from gout and its symptoms.

Note: If you’re suffering from hypertension, then avoid using this remedy for gout treatment.

– Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is very effective in alkalizing the body and neutralizing the excess uric acid in the bloodstream. It strengthens the body’s immune system and other tissues for getting quick relief from gout symptoms.

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Steps to be followed…

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon.
Leave it till the fizzing stops.
Then add this mix in 1 glass of water.
Stir and drink it immediately to treat your gout.
Regular intake will yield the best results from gout pain.

– Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal absorbs uric acid from your bloodstream and relieves you from gout in a safe and effective manner.

Steps to be followed…

Mix 1/2 cup of charcoal powder with enough water to make a paste.
Then pour this paste in your bathtub and run lukewarm water over it.
Soak yourself in this water for 30 minutes to get relief from gout in your big toe and ankle joint.
Repeat it 2 – 3 times daily until gout symptoms have eliminated from the body.


Or simply apply the charcoal paste (mix the charcoal powder in water) on gout affected areas and rinse off with lukewarm water after 30 – 45 minutes.
Or else, take activated charcoal capsules orally to get rid of gout and its discomforts. But be sure to check with your doctor before using capsules to know the dosage as per your health condition.


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