Lemons Cures 12 Types Of Cancers? | Frozen Lemons Are More Effective Than Chemo


Most of the restaurant experts and health professionals use or even consume all the lemon, and nothing is lost.
How can we use the pores and skin of this healthy and beneficial fruit as a whole?

The first thing you should do is wash the lemon very well and refrigerate it. If possible, cover it with clear plastic to better protect its fragrance.
Once frozen, we will use a lemon grater to grate all the lemon or even only a part. We can spray this, for example, lemonades, wines, drinking water, pure cereals, stews, green salads, pasta sauce, grains, sushi.

Almost all foods can have a suddenly wonderful taste, something that we have not tried before.

All of us thought that lemons only had vitamin C, but we were wrong, now we know that lemon peel contains 5 to 10 nutritional vitamins from which we can extract.


The skin of the lemon rejuvenates your well-being in the elimination of the poisonous elements of your body. Let’s make the most of the amazing real benefits associated with lemon.

The effect is actually “10,000 times stronger than the radiation treatment.” Its taste is very pleasant and does not generate the “terrible effects of radiation treatment”.

This is hidden, so the big multimillion-dollar corporations can make money. In addition, there are laboratories interested in creating a synthetic lemon that can provide all the great benefits.

In addition to grating the skin, we can also consume the pulp and consume its fruit juice. Add it to the preparation of your favorite flavored ice cream, cakes, etc. It has many benefits but it is the most fascinating; the impact it generates on cysts and malignant growths.

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This Fresh Fruit Is Examined Against Malignancies Of All Kinds.

Those who have analyzed in depth, for example, are extremely useful for almost all CANCER VARIATIONS.

It is also considered an ANTIMICROBIAL “spectrum” against bacterial and fungal infections, effective against unwanted organisms and viruses, regulates high blood pressure, is a powerful antidepressant and fights anxiety very well.

In addition, it is an extraordinary ALKALINIZER, which has the ability to manages the PH of the bloodstream, to have an “optimal health”.

The origin says that it also damages the “malignant cells” associated with 12 types of CANCER, such as COLON, PULMON, PROSTATIC, as well as PANCREAS.

The actual compounds of the fruit have proven to be “10,000 times” better, compared to product Adriamycin, a drug used in Radiation Treatment (worldwide), “to decrease cancer cells” and what is even more surprising , is that this type of therapy together with the extraction of lemon (the skin) only damages the “malignant malignancy cells and does not affect the healthy cells”.


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