Lemon Diet: Eradicate toxins and fats from the body for a week!


The main reason for the failure of diets is that they do not work or it is very difficult to withstand the rhythm of the diet.

The power of the lemon
The first thing you need to know is that the lemon is an alkaline product. This is important because most people with overweight have an acidic organism. In order to maintain the desired level of PH value, it is necessary to introduce alkaline food in the body.

When the body accumulates more waste than it can remove, it builds up fat stores that store toxins. Although this is an important function, excess fat is hazardous to health.

Lemon prevents: cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, anemia, purifies the liver, prevents the development of cancer, cleanses the gut, releases the body from toxins, cleanses the intestines, prevents hunger, and improves immunity.

Diet with lemons:

First day
Drink water with lemon on an empty stomach. In the morning, drink a glass of water with lemon (about two tablespoons of lemon juice). Do the same half an hour before a meal. Eat only healthy food.

Second day
Follow the directions from the first day. Drink water 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink 2 to 3 liters of mineral water, in which you have squeezed 6 lemons.

Lemon Diet: Eradicate toxins and fats from the body for a week!

Third day
Repeat the previous mode, but this day drink water during lunch. Continue to drink water all day long.

Fourth and fifth day
These days, follow the diet of the third day. The most important thing is to not forget to drink hot lemonade on an empty stomach every morning.

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Sixth day
Only two cups of lemon water. A glass in the morning on an empty stomach and a glass with lunch or dinner. Drink plain water during the day.

Seventh day
The cup of hot lemonade should remain your habit. It will not only reduce your weight, it will also strengthen your immune system. Do not forget to drink plenty of water during the day to purify the body from toxins.